art direction for animation


  ice, by shana mckay burns  
a work in progress
production design by shana mckay burns
a polar bear pictures production
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Ice is an animated short set in the near future, opening at the beginning of a new ice age. The story centers around Lily, a young woman who suffers a loss and is forced to head out into this new world.
  maya, photoshop  
  3D concepts-the farm in summer, greenhouse interior  
  maya, photoshop  
  concept sketches-the farm in winter  
  mixed media  
  concept sketch-the village  
  mixed media
  writer, director, production designer shana mckay burns
  motion capture & voice performers tanya mcbride
    jason hedden
  technical director-character set-up cara christensen
  additional rigging dan guinn
    brent zorich
  technical director-special effects eddie willett
  graphics researcher-motion capture brian windsor
  motion capture technicians shana mckay burns
    fran kalal
  animator george gantzer
  modelers shana mckay burns
    dan guinn
    joe harmon
    fran kalal
    min lee
    tyler ayres
  texture artists shana mckay burns
    fran kalal
  lighting & compositing shana mckay burns
  sound recording engineer kevin gecsi

produced at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts & Design, the Ohio State University

  © 2014 shana mckay burns