art direction for television


  pocket pets  
directed by bob lampel
production design by shana mckay burns
house of cards productions
produced by david diner
bob lampel

Pocket Pets, is a series of broadcast and web interstitials that feature Marc Morrone. Marc is a well loved pet expert and appears regularly with Martha Stewart. He is also the host of The Pet Shop with Marc Morrone, on the Lifeskool cable channel and the host of Ask the Petkeeper.

  marc morrone discusses the care and feeding of macaws  
  concept sketches & production stills  
Concept sketch for Pocket Pets by Shana McKay BurnsColor concept sketch for Pocket Pets by Shana McKay Burns
  concept sketch set rendering
the fully dressed set
  stealing the show  
  © 2014 shana mckay burns
  pocket pets © 2009 house of cards productions